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Bonus Member List

This is the complete list of members for Bonus, including all inherited members.
af (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
alive (defined in Bonus)Bonus
animationFinished() (defined in Sprite)Sprite
animations (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
Bonus(char *filename, int x, int y, int speed, AnimationFactory *af, char type) (defined in Bonus)Bonus
current (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
currentframe (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
decLife() (defined in Bonus)Bonus
decTimer() (defined in Ghost)Ghost
delay (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
direction (defined in Ghost)Ghost
effect (defined in Ghost)Ghost
frame() (defined in Sprite)Sprite
getAnimation() (defined in Sprite)Sprite
getfreedirections() (defined in Ghost)Ghost
Ghost(char *filename, int x, int y, int speed, AnimationFactory *af) (defined in Ghost)Ghost
Ghost1(char *filename, int x, int y, int speed, AnimationFactory *af) (defined in Ghost1)Ghost1
gridx(int x) (defined in Sprite)Sprite
gridxpos (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
gridy(int y) (defined in Sprite)Sprite
gridypos (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
isAnimation(char *name) (defined in Sprite)Sprite
kill() (defined in Sprite)Sprite
lev (defined in Ghost)Ghost
lifeforce (defined in Bonus)Bonus
loadAnimation(char *animName, bool loop) (defined in Sprite)Sprite
move(int x, int y) (defined in Ghost1)Ghost1 [virtual]
move() (defined in Sprite)Sprite
name (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
nextdir (defined in Ghost)Ghost
nextxpos (defined in Ghost)Ghost
nextypos (defined in Ghost)Ghost
numframes (defined in Ghost)Ghost
respawntime (defined in Ghost)Ghost
setAnimation(char *name) (defined in Sprite)Sprite
setLevel(Level lev, int startx, int starty) (defined in Ghost)Ghost
setRespawn(long time) (defined in Ghost)Ghost
speed (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
Sprite(char *filename, AnimationFactory *af) (defined in Sprite)Sprite
startx (defined in Ghost)Ghost
starty (defined in Ghost)Ghost
testdirection(int dir) (defined in Ghost)Ghost
timeleft (defined in Ghost)Ghost
timer() (defined in Ghost)Ghost
timer(long timeleft) (defined in Ghost)Ghost
type (defined in Bonus)Bonus
x(int x) (defined in Ghost)Ghost
x() (defined in Ghost)Ghost
xpos (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
y(int y) (defined in Ghost)Ghost
y() (defined in Ghost)Ghost
ypos (defined in Sprite)Sprite [protected]
~Ghost() (defined in Ghost)Ghost [virtual]
~Sprite() (defined in Sprite)Sprite [virtual]

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